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Should we have our leaders all sleep together in a dorm in D.C.?

Do you really want to save the country?

I think one thing that would really help would be to rotate where the Capitol of the United States is within the country. Yes, it would cost some money, but it would save a whole bunch more.

I also would put a time cap on the amount of time Congress people can be in D.C. (or wherever we end up moving the Capitol). I want members there for votes and then go home. I want our Congress people to work out of their neighborhoods.

This is what would really drain the swamp because six out of 10 of the richest counties in the country are around the beltway. And we all know that it’s a bubble.

Our politicians should never be comfortable in Washington D.C. They should not be making a life there. They should not enjoy being there. It should be an uncomfortable sacrifice.

The Congress recently failed to cut the budget. They were only trying to cut 8/10th of one percent! And they failed at that. The budget is $1.3 trillion dollars. Most of that proposed cut would have come from unauthorized spending; spending agencies weren’t allowed to do. Only in D.C. is that considered a “cut.”

There’s a Democrat, Benny Thompson, who has a bill that would ban Congress members from sleeping on their couches in their offices in D.C. He suggests we build a great big dorm where all Congress people can live together for free. Wouldn’t that be fun? Just like college!

This is why I want to ban Congressional members from living in D.C. They should be there for meetings, period. I want their personal offices torn down. Make them work at home offices in their own neighborhoods where they have to deal directly with their constituents.

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