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Dori: Washington carbon tax is about money, not science

The Tesoro Corp. refinery, in Anacortes, Wash. Gas flares like this are part of normal plant operations. (AP)

The governor has been trying for years to jack up your cost of living with a carbon tax. Now there is an initiative on the ballot that would make your gas costs skyrocket.

They say that they would impose “carbon fees” on the polluters in our state. The measure would raise billions of dollars, which would all be passed along to you and me, the taxpayers. We already pay the second-highest gas tax in the United States of America, but they want more. They say that it’s not a tax, it’s a “fee” — but we’re getting our language back, and we know that this is nothing but a tax.

It will make it more expensive to heat your home and fuel your car. And all for what is undeniably a bogus cause — the role that you and I play in global warming. I know that makes people’s heads explode when I say that. But I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life. On this matter, I’m positive that I’m more realistic and honest than all of the scientists who talk about climate change.

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Here’s what I want you to think about. How long have internal combustion engines been a thing in our country — to any extent to where they could have any impact? Let’s be generous and say since the 1920s. If you know anything about the automotive and societal trends, we’re going to have mostly electric vehicles in the next 10 to 20 years. So let’s say that 1920 to 2040 is the window where cars are polluting the atmosphere. This is where I’d love to take on the climate change scientists. That’s 120 years. How old is Earth? The best estimate is 4.5 billion years. That period of cars represents one 45-millionth of the lifespan of this planet.

Look at the volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. Think about the trillions of cows that have been farting since the beginning of cows. Think about the Ring of Fire volcanoes. And you’re telling me that a technology that represents a 45-millionth of our planet’s lifespan is worth taxing you and me billions of dollars here in Washington? It’s insane.

This is just about transferring billions of dollars from the private sector to government control. And the scientists are either wrong, stupid, or the part of the conspiracy.

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