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The big Seattle con job

(File, Associated Press)

The busy, arrogant, lazy, rich Seattle voter is being taken for a ride — taken like a first year business student trying to negotiate with a 50-year executive.

Everyone is being conned!

The biggest con is being perpetuated by organizations like Sound Transit and Seattle City Light.

Directing the con is the Seattle City Council. Being directed by the con is Seattle Mayor Durkan.

A great example of the con is the street car. This is a transit that is going to cost $200 to $400 million. But our leaders say the project needs even more money. They need more money for a useless toy.

Then leaders like the interim SDOT director says he doesn’t think previous light rail and bike lane decisions were based on a con. But it’s been a total con job all along!

Now Seattle City Light wants a 30 percent increase in rates. They are a monopoly. And the rates are going up because they’ve expanded the number of their executives and they pay their CEO a “king’s wage.”

But Sound Transit is the worst con artist of all. And they are incompetent. Their plan to have light rail on the floating bridge left out the fact that water would slosh onto the rails!

It’s a swindle within a swindle wrapped up in a tasty con.

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