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Gun stores would have to post warning signs under latest proposal in King County

(File, Associated Press)

Gun store owners and shooting ranges would be required to warn customers of the health risks of firearms under the latest proposal from King County Council Chair Joe McDermott.

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A “package” of gun safety legislation proposed Tuesday would include a rule in which gun stores and shooting ranges would have to post warning signs, or face a penalty, McDermott told Seattle’s Morning News. The signs would also include contact information for crisis prevention hotlines.

The five-piece Gun Safety Action Plan also includes a safe storage law for unincorporated King County similar to Seattle’s, according to McDermott. Seattle residents can now be penalized for the improper storage of their firearms, or failing to report lost and stolen guns. Seattle’s law is being challenged by the Second Amendment Foundation.

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The proposed regulation wouldn’t violate people’s rights under the Second Amendment, McDermott says.

This is the latest effort by local politicians to crack down on gun violence in Washington state. Along with Seattle’s now-contended safe storage law, an effort to further regulate the process of purchasing a firearm is underway at the state level.

McDermott will formally introduce his proposed legislation to the county council and Board of Health this week.

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