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Matt Manweller
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#MeToo video CWU wants to use to destroy Conservative Prof. Matt Manweller

Matt Manweller is a Republican state representative and political science professor at Central Washington University. He is under attack for alleged inappropriate, #MeToo behaviors with female students and co-workers. It’s not often we get video evidence of such in appropriate behavior. But, here we have it.

Or, rather, we have a video of nothing approaching a #MeToo moment.

According to Manweller, this TVW video clip (from about 27:00 – 28:00) is being called inappropriate. In the video you will see — and I will try to make this safe for work and kids — Matt Manweller blatantly and openly acknowledge the presence of women handing out documents during a committee hearing.

If this is an inappropriate, #MeToo style outrage should be given to every man who ever said “hello” to a female server, colleague, or neighbor.

The video in this article has been cued to the offending section.

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