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Dori: Carmen Best continuing more of same hands-off illegal alien policies

Carmen Best. (Seattle Channel stream)

We have a new police chief in Seattle, and I’ll tell you what — it’s going to be more of the same with Carmen Best in charge.

The Seattle City Council is hosting a public hearing tonight on Carmen Best’s appointment, and as part of the process, they gave her a list of confirmation questions. She has answered those questions, and they have released those answers already.

On the issue of illegal aliens, Seattle is going to be as weak as ever. Here’s one of the questions Carmen Best will be answers at her Wednesday hearing:

How would you ensure that SPD resources, including staff time, are not used to assist with ICE operations designed to enforce alleged violations of civil immigration laws? How would you ensure officers understand and conduct their duties accordingly, particularly in situations unrelated to an incident they are responding to? In what other ways can SPD ensure that the immigrant community is protected against ICE operations conducted within our city?

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By the way, it’s a phony question by the Seattle City Council, because the immigrant community is perfectly fine and safe. Immigrants have legally entered this country. What they’re talking about is the illegal alien community.

What Carmen Best writes is disturbing. She writes: “The Seattle Police Department does not and will not take part in immigration enforcement activities. It is not our role, we are not allowed to do it, and it harms community safety … SPD employees will not make inquiries about immigration status and will not support ICE activities.”

If a Seattle cop does anything to help out federal authorities with federal laws, they will be disciplined. This of course means that Seattle will become a destination for illegals.

This is happening right now down in Portland, where there have been protesters outside of the Portland ICE offices for over a month. They illegally block the driveway and have even gotten violent.

A food truck in Portland across the street from ICE headquarters is getting death threats because it served ICE agents lunch. Because they served these ICE employees as customers, the food truck owners are actually getting death threats against their children. We’re seeing the exact same thing here in Seattle. That means that Seattle police will side with the same protesters who threatened a little girl’s death because her mom and dad provided a meal to ICE agents.

And remember, this has deadly consequences. A man who killed a woman at the University of Washington was in this country illegally from England. He had been stopped by SPD a week or two before the murder, but they couldn’t ask his immigration status. Then he violated the protection order the woman had gotten against him, walked onto the campus, and gunned down the woman in cold blood. That was an illegal. That death could have been prevented if we didn’t have sanctuary policies here in Seattle.

The fact that SPD, in writing, and Carmen Best, in writing, say that they will side with illegal aliens is disturbing. They might as well be saying, “If that means that deaths happen because of it, that’s just the way it is.”

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