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Susan Hutchison: ‘The Democrat party is no friend of small business’

Susan Hutchison. (KIRO 7)

There are a plethora of opponents challenging U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell for her seat on the Aug. 7 primary ballot, including numerous Democrats, Republicans, and independents. The most high profile among them is former state Republican Party chair Susan Hutchison.

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“It is a concern. We hope people don’t get demoralized as they’re looking at the list and can’t find the name they want,” Hutchison told the Jason Rantz Show. “We hope that they’ll go down to position number eight where my name is located, and check that box.”

A former Emmy-winning new producer, Hutchison came in second behind Dow Constantine in the 2009 election for King County Executive, and later served as state Republican Party chair from 2013 until a few months ago. At the time, her departure was seen as a sign that she might be appointed to a position in Trump’s administration.

Hutchison sees taxes as major concern all around Washington

In speaking with people on the campaign trail, Hutchison found that people in both urban and rural Washington are concerned about rising taxation.

“We’ve had this one-party rule for so long,” she said. “I live in Seattle, so I know the feeling of having the Seattle city government doing outrageous things, over and over raising our taxes. It’s the same thing statewide.”

“Housing that they can afford is really important to them, and these taxes that keep piling up on builders adds 40 percent to the cost of every home and apartment.”

As Jason noted, many Democrats are running on eliminating the GOP tax cuts if they take control of the House and the Senate. Hutchison sees this approach as perplexing considering the state of the economy.

“We’ve got this roaring economy, and I always think in terms of who are the folks who are effected that have not had the help over the last dozen years,” Hutchison said. “You look at the minority communities. We have historic low black unemployment rates because of the roaring economy, and historic low Hispanic unemployment rates.”

“To say that we’re going to push people back into that lethargic economic period of Barack Obama is stunning, and yet they say it as if it’s going to gain them votes. It may be speaking to their base, but it’s certainly not speaking to the majority of people.”

Hutchison says Democrats are no friend of small business

With reference to the cybersecurity bipartisan legislation introduced by Cantwell and other senators, Hutchison believes the Democrat senator has never made an effort to facilitate an environment in which small businesses can thrive.

“The Democrat party is not a friend of small business and small business knows it,” Hutchison said. “Cybersecurity is an important issue, but it’s not hand-in-hand with the kinds of policies that help small businesses grow and thrive.”

“I think she’s talking out of both sides of her mouth, which is typical of Maria Cantwell. It’s so hard to figure out where she stands on anything because she tries to be all things to all people. But she’s not. She’s not a moderate. She’s a strong vote for the Schumer/Pelosi policies that have kept this country down, and I would say a vote for Maria Cantwell harms small business.”

In 2000, Cantwell won her senate bid over incumbent Republican Slade Gorton, and was elected in consecutive terms, with no major perceived rivals in the current race until Hutchison filed.

Is hiking a form of community service?

Jason asked Hutchison about a section in the voters guide where candidates are asked to list community service, and where one of the things Cantwell listed in response is that she goes hiking. It was something the Hutchison campaign has made light of.

“Climbing mountains is not community service in any way shape or form, especially to those of us who have committed our lifetimes to helping serve any way we can. She deserves being skewered over it,” said Hutchison.

“Maria Cantwell is not about people, she’s about her own advancement and she doesn’t deserve a fourth term.”

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