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Kim Schrier
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Dori: How dare Dr. Kim Schrier compare campaigning to fighting in World War II?

(Dr. Kim Schrier for Congress)

My dad was a paratrooper in the invasion of Normandy. These 18, 19, 20-year-old kids knew that it was up to them to save the world from Hitler and tyranny, and they willingly gave their lives for that most noble of causes.

So when I hear a politician in 2018 suggest that running for Congress is in any way analogous to what the soldiers did in World War II —  that is just sickening.

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There are few human beings in our country more noble than our soldiers. Joining our military is a level of selflessness. And we have too many selfish people in politics, on both sides. People get into politics almost exclusively for their own ego. I don’t think that there are many pure-of-mission people in politics. In the military, that’s all you are. You are fighting alongside your brothers and sisters, risking your life for your country.

Dino Rossi is running for Congress for the 8th District. And the second-place finisher in the primary, Dr. Kim Schrier, stated this in an Indivisible Washington podcast.

I do think of this as one of those moments in history, I think back to the questions we ask our own parents. I asked my parents, “What were you doing during the Civil Rights movement?” And I imagine things like, ‘What would I have done in World War II?’ And I would always love to think that I would be on the right side of history and that I would be bold enough to stand up and do the right thing, and brave enough. And so I know my son Sam will ask me one day, “Hey Mom, what did you do after Trump got elected?” And this is my answer to him.

Oh good God. She is just clueless. She is so typical of anyone who gets into politics. Dr. Kim Schrier has the audacity to say, “Well if I was in World War II, sure I would’ve fought Hitler, but I’m not, so I have to fight Trump, so I’m going to run for Congress.”

This is a nauseating comparison. It shows such a lack of perspective. You’re not likely going to take a bullet in your brain like all of the young men at the front of those landing boats in the first wave at Normandy. Most of them knew that they were going to get picked off and die for their cause. They were 20-year-old kids thrown into a living hell. And you’re comparing that to running for the 8th District so you can go to Washington, D.C. and have staffers and lobbyists kiss your butt for the next couple of years?

Yeah, you’re a real Rosa Parks, a real Rosie the Riveter. I’m sure that if you were in the Civil Rights era, you would’ve left your pediatric practice and gone to march in the streets in Birmingham, facing fire hoses and police dogs. In World War II, you would’ve left your pediatric practice and jumped out of an airplane into France while anti-aircraft fire was all around you, and you would’ve landed behind enemy lines and taken a bullet for your country. A grateful nation applauds you, Dr. Kim Schrier.

Did you know that the average lifespan of Allied secret agents working as wireless operators in France was just six weeks once they parachuted behind enemy lines? You would’ve been happy to do that, right, Kim Schrier? Or maybe you would’ve been like Sophie Scholl, a 21-year-old student at the University of Munich, who led an underground Resistance movement called the White Rose with her classmates and distributed anti-Nazi pamphlets around the university. She and her fellow White Rose members were caught, interrogated, and executed by guillotine. I’m sure you would’ve done exactly the same if you’d been there, Kim.

You want to compare this to World War II? Why don’t you go to Afghanistan, where we’re still fighting the Taliban? Why don’t you go to Iraq, where we’re still trying to roll back the footprint of ISIS? Leave your comfortable Eastside pediatric practice, enroll in the military, and go fight for our country, since you referenced that.

Do you know what you do when you run for Congress? You sit on the phone for 10 hours a day begging people for money. That is it. When you run for Congress, you become a beggar. You don’t like Trump? Fine. You want to run for Congress? Fine. A lot of people aspire to that ego.

“Hi, is this Steve? Hi Steve, this is Dr. Kim Schrier, I’m running for the 8th District. I was hoping maybe you’d see fit to give me $1,000 so we can fight the Trump machine. We’ve got to get rid of Trump, you know.”

Nice try, Dr. Schrier, but begging for money for 10 hours a day ain’t sitting in the front of the bus, and it ain’t jumping out of an airplane into Nazi-occupied France.


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