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Former Bellevue cop faces witness tampering charges

A Bellevue Police officer faces new charges. (KIRO Radio)

A former Bellevue police officer already charged with assaulting his ex-girlfriend is facing new charges.

John Kivlin was originally arrested in April 2018 after his now-ex girlfriend reported he’d assaulted her twice while they were together, and used Bellevue Police Department computers to run background checks on her.

A judge issued a no-contact order that prosecutors say Kivlin violated more than once, including over the weekend after prosecutors say he contacted the woman several times via text and email. The woman reported the contact to Issaquah Police and Kivlin — who was out on bail for the initial domestic violence case — was arrested for a third time in five months.

New charges of witness tampering and violating a no-contact order were filed against Kivlin – who is now facing more than a half-dozen charges and resigned from the department two weeks ago because of the allegations.

According to court documents, Kivlin texted the ex-girlfriend 13 times in 2.5 hours at her new number last Friday evening, pleading with her to meet with him.

“I can’t stop thinking about you. Are you willing to meet with me?” One of the messages read. The woman asked who it was, since she had changed her number, and the texter replied, “You know who it is.”

When she replied she doesn’t know who it was, he identifies himself as John, noting, “I’m taking a big leap of faith in telling you, but as I see it I’ve got nothing left to lose.”
In another message, he explained he had a couple of things to talk to her about and could come to her. He then promised to leave her alone after they met.

“I know I shouldn’t contact you but I need to see you,” the texter said, “I’m packing up my house for sale next week, my divorce is pending and I’ve lost my job.”

Adding, “I know I don’t deserve your compassion, but I’m asking for it because of what we had, Please,” the texter said.

Later the texter apologized for “all the crap” he’s put her through and continued trying to set up specific meet time and place before texting, “You’re not coming are you? I really just need a few minutes and then I’ll leave you alone.”

Police verified the number was Kivlin’s, as well as the email account they say he used the next day (Saturday) to continue his pleas.

Telling the woman, “You still have my heart. I’m so sorry I messed up and that I lost you in the process. I freaked out and ended up screwing you over in the process and not in a good way.”

He continued to apologize and tell her how he needs her in his life, but that he understands if she doesn’t want to see him again. He then suggested they can maybe make it work.

“All I’m asking for is a moment of your time. I think you owe me that. You owe it to us for what we once shared,” he said, adding, “You hold all the power now. Isn’t there any way we can start over? If you can just tell the prosecutor’s office that it was all a misunderstanding everything would go away and we could be together,” the email continued.

The next day, another email was sent from Kivlin’s account saying he guessed she wasn’t coming to the meeting since he hadn’t heard back from her, adding, “I’m not mad at you, I’m not going to do anything to you.”

The woman never responded but instead reported the messages to police who verified they came from Kivlin’s cell phone and email account.

He pleaded not guilty in court this week and his bail was increased to $500,000 because of the new charges.

The ex-girlfriend is a woman Kivlin met on Craigslist and who is also linked to the investigation of two other Bellevue cops on leave — one is a detective she has accused of rape and the other is Bellevue Police Chief Steven Mylett, who says he has done nothing against the law and only knows of the woman because of the investigations involving the other officers.

Correction: A previous version of this report did not include the fact that Kivlin resigned two weeks ago. He is no longer is a Bellevue police officer.


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