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Dori: Corrupt WA Supreme Court’s I-1639 ruling no surprise to anyone

The Washington State Supreme Court overturned a Thurston County judge's ruling that gun control measure I-1639 was ineligible for the November ballot. (MyNorthwest)

I predicted that the Washington State Supreme Court was going to put I-1639 back on the ballot and it turns out I was correct.

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I-1639 is the gun control initiative that a Thurston County judge ruled was ineligible for the November ballot because it did not follow the correct constitutional procedures for an initiative.

As I told you on Friday, our state Supreme Court does not rule based on the law or on the Washington State Constitution. When I was talking about the late Sen. John McCain on Friday, I praised the way that he didn’t vote based on party lines — he always voted based on his conscience, even if it was not popular.

The Washington State Supreme Court, however, is the exact opposite of John McCain — you know exactly how they’re going to rule on everything. It’s predetermined because of their politics.

Our state Supreme Court is owned by the teachers union and by leftist propaganda groups. They will never cast a vote that goes against their masters. The people who funded the justices getting on the Supreme Court are anti-gun; the anti-gun advocates bought and paid for those justices. And so every gun control issue that goes before the state Supreme Court is pre-determined.

What the Thurston County judge had ruled is that the font on these I-1639 initiatives was so small, the people signing the petitions couldn’t even read it. The Supreme Court didn’t address that at all. Now they’re saying that if the initiative passes, they will take that issue up. But you know exactly how that will turn out. Whatever the left wing wants, we will do their bidding.

Between Bob Ferguson, who will not prosecute anybody on the left, and the Supreme Court, which has been bought and paid for by leftist groups, there is only one prevailing opinion in our state government.

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