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Puget Sound Energy
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Puget Sound Energy warns customers to limit gas and electricity


You might want to limit your use of natural gas and electricity if you’re a Puget Sound Energy customer.

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A pipeline ruptured in British Columbia on Tuesday, and since PSE gets two-thirds of its natural gas from B.C. and Alberta, the incident is impacting gas supply.

In the meantime, PSE asks that customers limit their use of hot water for things like dishwashing and showering, and keep their thermostats turned down to a lower setting.

The hope originally was that the issue would be resolved by Wednesday evening, but now it seems as though it may take a little longer than originally anticipated.

The latest comes to us from PSE Vice President, Andy Wappler, who asks that conservation efforts from consumers continue “through tonight, and likely the next couple days.”

Although the supply is affected, there’s no damage to PSE’s system or safety hazard to customers.

Stay tuned for more updates as they arrive.

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