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Kent PD shut down 18 massage parlors for illegal prostitution Friday morning
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Kent PD shuts down 18 massage parlors for illegal prostitution


The Kent Police Department notified 18 massage parlors that they were being shut down, as the city is in the process of filing charges for licensing violations and illegal prostitution.

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Kent PD posted notices on all 18 businesses early Friday morning, following a several months long investigation into “numerous illegal businesses that were fronts for prostitution activity.”

“The City has sent a strong message to these illegal operations that organized prostitution activity through illegal massage parlors will not be tolerated,” said Special Investigations Unit Commander Rob Scholl in a news release.

The City of Kent will also charge any customers of each business who were patrons of prostitution.

Commander Scholl cited an increase in businesses acting as fronts for prostitution in south King County in recent months.

“It is no secret to individuals willing to pay for sex that unlicensed massage parlors are a place they can go for this activity,” he said.

Each of the massage parlors also employed unlicensed employees, failed to adhere to health and privacy regulations, and didn’t properly post their respective business licenses.

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