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Rantz: Gov. Jay Inslee will soon run a failed campaign for president

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee. (AP)

As you read this, know that our absent Governor Jay Inslee will have already decided that he’s willing to ditch the governor’s mansion for a fruitless bid for the White House. He’s the exact type of politician who can convince himself that there’s a reasonable path to the White House in what will inevitably be a crowded Democratic presidential primary.

Except there is no path for Inslee. His campaign will be as effective has his plans to help our struggling – and dangerous – Western State Hospital.

Over the weekend, The Seattle Times reported Inslee “quietly” formed a political action committee, Vision PAC, to raise funds as he’ll travel around the country (anything to get out of Washington) to decide if he can drum up enough support in early primary and caucus states. With his Democratic Governors Association chairmanship, he was able to meet many folks who he can con into giving him money for a run.

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Now, in an interview with The Hill, Inslee says he’ll let us know by the end of April if he plans on running for president.

“We’ll make the decision at the right time. We are actively considering it, and that has been going well,” Inslee told The Hill. “I’m not a senator, I’m a governor. Governors govern, and senators orate.”

Cool story. Only, Inslee hasn’t really governed. He spent much of the last few months outside of Washington, helping Democrats in the primary. The biggest Democrat he helped was himself.

Only, he let his signature issue in Washington fail — the carbon tax. He was banking on that passing to help catapult him to Progressive stardom nationwide. Now that it failed, he’ll spend the next few months quietly crafting a plan to run.

Inslee pushed the carbon tax with his presidential dreams in mind, and, as Ciara just said to a bunch of White Center kids, “no dream is too big.”

Except this one, Jay. This dream is too big.

I strain to think of any major accomplishments I can legitimately credit Inslee, whether we’re talking about his role as a governor or a congressman. I know he’s pro-environment, a position he thinks will get him to the White House. He’s mistaken. People may care about the environment, but they vote for candidates based on their positions on a whole host of issues they find more important, like the economy and national security. Environmental positions are seen as a bonus to Progressive voters and virtually anyone Inslee would run against will be strong on the environment.

But this is all for naught. He’s running and will lose. But hopefully his run brings the state some attention that we won’t be too embarrassed about.

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