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Family skeptical of initial reports after fatal officer-involved shooting in Seattle

The family of a man, shot and killed by a Seattle police officer Monday night wants to see evidence of what happened.

They say 36-year-old Iosia Faletogo was a family man, with two boys, ages 2 and 4. They tell KIRO 7 it’s out of character for him to carry a weapon. His mother says he’s a good man, and a good son, who wouldn’t hurt anyone.

“Nothing can justify his life being taken away from us,” an unnamed family member told KIRO 7. “What these police did to him, who made them God? Who made them God, that they can take somebody’s life like that?”

“Iosia, I love you so much,” she said. “I’m going to miss you. You brought so much life to so many people.”

Monday night, Faletogo was pulled over for a traffic stop on Aurora Avenue in Seattle’s Licton Springs neighborhood. He was reportedly on his way to a New Year’s dinner. Seattle police say that once the car was pulled over, Faletogo got out of his car and ran. Three officers chased him and caught up to him. There was a brief struggle, then Faletogo allegedly pulled out a handgun.

One of the officers shot him and he died at the scene. Investigators say they recovered a gun at the scene.

Family members are skeptical of reports that Faletogo had a firearm.

“Knowing him, he would not jeopardize his life by carrying a weapon,” Faletogo’s nephew Jacob Afalava told KIRO 7.

Seattle police say there is body cam video from the incident. SPD will release that video as soon as possible.

“The police officer who shot him, yes, you might have feared for your life, but why? When you had three people. He had no one,” another family member said.

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