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Shorty's Belltown, Belltown
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Belltown residents respond to demolition of beloved neighborhood bars

(Vic DeLeon, Flickr Creative Commons)

A coalition of 150 Belltown residents and businesses responded to the news of the demolition of almost an entire city block of the neighborhood, that would see the end of a handful of beloved businesses, restaurants, and bars.

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The planned demolition would make way for new apartments, while putting an end to 17 affordable housing units at the Funky Studios, as well as closing down Tula’s Jazz Club, Shorty’s Pinball, Rabbit Hole, Neon Boots, Lava Lounge, and Rocco’s Pizza.

The coalition sent an open letter to Councilmember Sally Bagshaw, District 7’s representative in Belltown.

We are requesting your help with the ongoing economic displacement of our residents, our workforce, and our local businesses. It is tearing at the fabric of our community and weighing upon the hopes and aspirations of our residents and workforce.

The letter goes on to label the area being developed over as “the cultural heart of Belltown,” asking that the properties at risk of demolition be reviewed for possible historical landmark designations in hopes of saving the threatened businesses.

The planned apartment building would be eight stories, and would require a complete tear-down of the properties it plans to build on.

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