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Spady: Will Democrats call out union lobbying dollars before demonizing AIPAC?

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Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has been in the spotlight this week for making anti-Semitic remarks on Twitter. She suggested that American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is paying politicians to be pro-Israel – AIPAC spends about $3 million dollars a year.

If the Congresswoman is so concerned with lobbying dollars affecting decisions being made, maybe she should take a look at the teachers union and their national lobbying efforts. Maybe she needs to call out the more than $30 million in political spending by unions to stop tax credits and charter schools that allow more freedom and more choice for children in our country.

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I’m not just talking about the well-off kids who can afford to go to top public schools in expensive districts. I am talking about low-income and minority communities who are achieving low graduation rates and low college attendance — due to the lack of quality education they are receiving. These unions have lobbyists that push out 10 times the spending of AIPAC to support almost exclusively Democrats who oppose school choice. Is it possible that Rep. Omar is being bought out and paid off to defend this monopoly?

How is it that she can care more about taking shots at Israel than taking care of kids in need in her district? She wants to call attention to the PAC money that may help the Jewish community, but she doesn’t care to talk about the flow of lobbying dollars that support her party, and in turn, hurts the chances of our children receiving the education they deserve. If you’re going to call out one, Representative Omar, call out the other too.

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