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Tim Eyman Office Depot chair theft
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Tim Eyman investigated for theft of $70 Office Depot chair

Tim Eyman, a longtime Washington political figure known for his initiatives fighting government taxes and fees, is being investigated by Lacey police for theft of a $70 chair from Office Depot.

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The case has been referred to the Lacey city attorney for review for a possible misdemeanor theft charge. Eyman, 53, was not facing charges as of Friday morning.

The incident happened shortly before noon on February 13 at the Office Depot at 602 Sleater-Kinney Road Southwest. Video of the incident appears to show Eyman sitting in a chair between entrance doors and, when the initial door to the Office Depot opens, taking it out to the parking area.

Eyman then returned to Office Depot donning a dark jacket, as seen around the 1:53 mark in the above video.

The clerk who helped Eyman told police he helped him return a printer that was purchased at the Bellevue store in return for two other printers. You can see Eyman returning the printer at the counter to the left four minutes into the video.

The clerk helped Eyman carry the printers out to his vehicle on a dolly but was stopped short of the vehicle. You can see Eyman and the clerk leaving with printers in hand abound nine-and-a-half minutes into the security footage.

Once outside, Eyman told the clerk “I’ve got it from here,” the police report reads.

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Eyman was identified by his phone number, payment method information and name in the store computer system, according to the report. An investigating officer identified him from a Department of Licensing photo and from a phone on an Eyman Facebook page that shows him wearing a “Let the Voters Decide” shirt that is the same one worn in the video, the report shows.

The office wrote that he tried to contact Eyman by telephone and left a voicemail for a return call.

Additional reporting from MyNorthwest Staff

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