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Seattle city council upzoning MHA
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Council delivers key decision on upzoning measure ahead of full vote

(Seattle Channel)

Seattle City Council discussed and voted on over 100 amendments to a proposed upzoning measure in a committee meeting Monday, sending the bill to a full vote in mid-March.

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Monday’s meeting of the Select Committee on Citywide Mandatory Housing Affordability discussed a series amendments to the upzoning-centric bill, that do everything from allowing for increased density in new developments, to encouraging the inclusion of child care centers.

The legislation, known as Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA), would enact requirements for building affordable housing, and taller residence buildings in select neighborhoods throughout Seattle. The goal is to provide at least 6,000 new rent and income-restricted homes for low-income residents.

If enacted, it would impose a requirement on developers to dedicate between 5 and 11 percent of projects to low-income housing, or be subject to substantial fines. Additionally, approximately 6 percent of single-family areas would be rezoned under this legislation.

The MHA has already been enacted in the University District, South Lake Union, downtown, Lower Queen Anne, the International District, and the Central Area.

Council members debated 119 separate amendments for hours on Monday, as they shaped a controversial bill years in the making into its final form.

Next, the measure — amendments and all — will go before a full council vote on March 18.

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