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Dori: Atlantic names King County among most politically intolerant in US


Hey, hey — congratulations! We in the greater Seattle area are number one for political intolerance. According to The Atlantic, King County is one of the most intolerant counties in the entire nation.

I’m not at all surprised.

As Katie Herzog at The Stranger pointed out, King County ranks in the 98th percentile in terms of intolerance. Yikes.

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Who makes up the intolerant masses in King County? Why, the dominant political party — the Left.

But wait — liberals are always saying how much they love “tolerance, diversity, and acceptance.” No, actually, you liberals don’t want any diversity of thought and you are absolutely intolerant of anyone who doesn’t think like you. But you will keep tossing out “tolerance” and “diversity” as your little buzzwords.

According to The Atlantic, those counties with one party very much in the majority tend to also be the most intolerant. One of the typical traits of an intolerant county is an unwillingness to talk to people who hold other political beliefs, which keeps people sequestered with their like-minded companions.  I could have told you that.

My network of friends is very diverse — politically, socially, and racially. I don’t talk politics with them because it’s just not worth it off the air. We have enough shared interests that we never lack subjects to discuss.

But for the political Left, the attitude is, “I disagree with you — and therefore, I hate you personally.” There is a lot of that out there.

There a guy who is constantly critical of the talk show and sends several emails a day to tell me how much he disagrees. I got one a few nights ago and thought, ‘You know, he doesn’t seem to like me or the radio show, but he listens every day, and I appreciate that.’

So I wrote him back and told him that it meant a lot to me that he listens. I do love the people who disagree. In this country, we are lucky to have the freedom to have political discourse and to disagree with one another.

The Atlantic piece said King County is “more likely to stereotype and disdain” those who have different political beliefs. That is 100 percent accurate. The Left is the dominant group-think here in Seattle and King County, and Leftists personalize their disagreement by caricaturing and hating those who don’t share their opinion. It’s sad, because it says a lot more about them than it does about those of us on the outside.

I’m glad I’m not part of the group-think. It’s actually worked very well for me, both in my personal life and professionally. I could have been a sellout loser saying, “I’m just going to say what I think everyone wants to hear because that will make life a lot easier and I won’t get as much hate mail.”

I also would have had no ratings because inauthenticity isn’t popular in this business.

Try to broaden your minds a little bit. Try not to caricature those with whom you disagree. Try not to be part of one of the most intolerant counties in the U.S.

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