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Seattle Burger Review: Uneeda Burger

Uneeda Burger's "Classic" (Tom Amato, KTTH)

I’m on a mission to find the best burger in the city of Seattle. I travel to various burger joints within city limits and rate the establishment’s most popular burger on a scale of 1-10. Of all the measures I use, taste is most important.

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This week, I went to Uneeda Burger in Fremont. The restaurant doesn’t resemble a burger joint. It’s rustic, garage-like theme is typical Seattle, and that’s a good thing. Overall, the atmosphere is great.

Unfortunately, that’s where the complimentary coverage ends. I ordered the “Classic.” The taste doesn’t immediately jump out to you. The quarter-pound burger, cooked to medium as I asked, isn’t particular juicy, nor is it dry.

I had to dip it in chipotle-mayo to get a little more flavor out of it. I went to my fries early in the meal because I needed to liven up my experience.

“The Classic” comes with romaine lettuce, tomato, pickles and special sauce. You can add your choice of cheese for a dollar and bacon for $2 (yikes).

As I always do, I ordered mine with pepper jack cheese and spread a layer of ketchup on the bun. The vegetables are crispy which I always appreciate, but the sesame-seed bun became soggy about halfway through. So far, every burger joint I’ve been to has been able to avoid that.

You’ll pay $5 for the burger, but of course you’ll have to pay more to turn it into something you’d actually want to eat. In addition to bacon and cheese, you can throw an extra patty on for $2. It will fill you up, but I’m still on the fence on if it was worth the money.

Overall, there’s no “awe” factor with this burger. There’s nothing wrong with it, per se, but there’s something missing. It needs another ingredient or two to spice things up. It’s a very average burger that one could eat if hungry. But ultimately, why go here if you can just grill yourself up a couple burgers just as good in your backyard?

Biggest strength(s): Crisp vegetables
Biggest weakness(s): Bun, price of add-ons, ‘wow’ factor

There’s nothing special about the Uneeda Burger ‘Classic’ burger. 5/10.

What do you think of their burger? What burger should I try next? Tweet me @NewProducerTom on Twitter.

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