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Dori: Seattle Public Schools shouldn’t teach Pre-K students gender fluidity

The worksheet handed out to Seattle Public Schools preschoolers. (Photo of listener-submitted worksheet)

Things just keep getting crazier and crazier around here. Let’s talk about what’s happening to our kids in the Seattle Public Schools. You may recall, Jenny Durkan and other politicians have talked about how much they want universal Pre-K.

What universal Pre-K is all about is our schools getting our children at the earliest possible age so they can start brainwashing them. What happened in the Seattle Public Schools is a classic example of this.

A parent sent me a worksheet their Seattle Public Schools student was given. The parent wanted to stay anonymous, because they knew the backlash they would face. The worksheet has a heading of, “National Black Lives Matter at School Week,” and underneath it is the lesson plan title, “What is Transgender and How Can I Be an Ally?”

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What grade do you think this is for? High school? Maybe middle school? No. This is for Pre-K. The theme is “trans- and queer-affirming.” Content standards are:

— Understand there are many ways to express gender

— Understand there is a range of gender roles and expression

— Understand the importance of treating others with respect regarding gender expression

The lesson plan is to make a Venn Diagram for girls and boys and show all the areas where they overlap. Then the teacher asks the 3- and 4-year-olds, “What makes a person a boy or girl?” At age 3 and 4, your chromosomes and your genitalia determine who is a boy and girl.

Then the lesson plan has the books you are supposed to read and discuss, either “Introducing Teddy,” about a boy teddy bear who decides he is a girl, or “My Princess Boy,” about a boy who loves to wear dresses.

Is this a Pre-K topic? Is this something that 3 and 4-year-olds need to know about? This is outrageous propaganda when you start inculcating this in 3 and 4-year-olds in the public schools.

Let’s get hold of the kids as early as possible. Let’s start to teach them and even encourage them to express themselves in ways that are very different from their biology. We’ve got unbelievable numbers of unhappy kids who have turned to alcohol and drugs and suicide.

We have a generation of lost kids because above all else, kids need structure in their lives. And this notion that nothing is real, that everything is illusory, that gender is an infinite number of gradations in between male and female, is the message being spread.

That’s in the Seattle Public Schools. What happened in Olympia in the last week? Let’s say your teen, who has been hearing far-Left propaganda in school since they were 3 or 4, decides that they identify as the opposite gender.

There is a bill in Olympia that the Democrats have passed out of the Senate that if your teen goes to the doctor without you knowing about it — though you will still get the bill, of course — you cannot know what your child went to the doctor for.

This is the trend-line in our state. Let’s get universal Pre-K in. Then let’s start with a Pre-K curriculum about gender fluidity. Then if the kid is 13 and wants to have her breasts removed, or the boy wants to start becoming a girl, the parents won’t even know their child went to the doctor to talk about it.

This is happening right now in British Columbia, a socialist paradise. A Canadian father is livid because the government has been giving his daughter testosterone and hormones so she can transition. It is against the dad’s wishes, but with the assent of the government. Government has control. Freedom is gone.

This has become such an unbelievably radical Leftist Legislature. Socialist doesn’t even describe it — we’re talking about downright Marxism. How did we get here?  These are the people who say they wouldn’t know how to raise a kid anyway and would rather have government do it for them.

Government has control of your kids. Government has control of your kids’ minds at school and has control of your kids’ bodies at the doctor’s office.

These are unbelievably dangerous times, as government starts to take over, from propaganda in pre-K to loss of parental rights in teen years. That’s a Marxist state right there. If you control the kids, you control the future. And we’ve got a bunch of kids whose minds are being polluted.

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