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Dori: Gas tax bills could give us $4-$5/gallon gas like California

(File, Associated Press)

Are you ready for $4/gallon gas here in Washington? How about $5/gallon gas? As you know, we already have the second-highest gas tax in the United States here in Washington. But now it could get even worse.

In Olympia, the most radical legislative session in our state’s history is trying to impose 31 cents per gallon in additional gas prices. They say a 15-cents-per-gallon carbon fee — a euphemism for a gas tax — will go toward transportation projects. And then, on top of that, they still want to do a low-carbon fuel standard, like in California, which would add another 16 cents to the price of a gallon of gas.

In some places, gas is $3.50. We’re going to get close to $4 a gallon thanks to this radical leftist Legislative session if they get their way.

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They’ve kind of tabled the low-carbon fuel standard for now, but they’re still keeping it alive. It may go to the end of the session or into special session.

You cannot forget about it. You should still speak out. Call the Legislative Hotline and let them know you can’t afford it.

In California, gas has gone over $4 a gallon, and is approaching $5 a gallon in some places because of the low-carbon fuel standard. The fuel standard does nothing for the environment, as we’ve reported. The carbon emissions in California have only gone down by 1 percent.

That is what your Legislature wants for our state. It is a regressive tax, especially since the people who have to drive the most are those who can’t afford to live in the city they work in, and must commute from somewhere with cheaper housing prices. Democrats in Washington are not about helping out the poor, helping out the working class.  They are about getting as much money as possible to galvanize their power and control. They just want more money for their causes.

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