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Dori: Jenny Durkan cares more about illegal immigrants than homeless citizens

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan. (Seattle Channel)

Are you ready to have our city flooded with illegal immigrants? Donald Trump confirmed on Friday that he would like to send busloads of illegal immigrants to self-designated sanctuary cities. In response, Jenny Durkan wrote a bizarre op-ed for the Washington Post this weekend titled, “Seattle isn’t afraid of immigrants, Mr. Trump.”

It begins, “Here’s a message to President Trump: Seattle is not afraid of immigrants and refugees.” She goes on to say how Seattle enthusiastically welcomes immigrants and refugees.

OK, first of all, the people we’re talking about aren’t simply “immigrants.” They are illegal immigrants. Immigrants are people who go through a legal process to get here. We all welcome legal immigrants. There is also very little evidence that many of them are refugees in the traditional sense.

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So she talks about how much we love bringing in immigrants and refugees. But then, in the very next paragraph, she says it’s a punishment to have them here. “What does scare us? A president and federal government that would seek to weaponize a law enforcement agency to punish perceived political enemies.”

How is that a punishment? You just told us how you want to welcome immigrants and refugees. Now you’re saying that it’s a punishment to bring them here? The more I hear from Jenny Durkan, the more incredulous I am at what she achieved educationally and professionally. There’s not much common sense and not much intelligence. If that op-ed were a high school social studies paper, and if I were Jenny Durkan’s teacher, I would flunk it.

She then accuses Trump of “demonizing” illegal immigrants to distract us from his failure to “fix our immigration system.” Not true. Democrats have been the obstructionists, even when Republicans had control of the House and the Senate. They were more concerned with obstructionism than protecting the country. Everybody knows that it’s Democrats who have weaponized illegal immigrants. Just this weekend, a 7-year-old girl was raped by an illegal immigrant in Virginia. Last week, a 13-year-old girl in Florida was killed by an illegal immigrant who crashed a car into her while she was riding her bike to school. An illegal immigrant killed one of our deputies here in Washington last month. We have lives that could be saved if we could deal with this plague. Making us a sanctuary city, county, and state is a threat to our safety.

Durkan said that “our immigrant and refugee communities make our city a stronger, more vibrant place.” We have 38,000 military veterans who are homeless in our country. Do you think maybe instead of taking care of a bunch of illegal immigrants, we should take care of the vets who have fought for our nation, many of whom are dealing with PTSD? Maybe we should take care of them before we in Washington spend $1 billion on illegal immigrants.

We have got to take care of our U.S. citizens. We have to provide mental health treatment, drug rehab, and job counseling to the thousands of homeless people on Seattle’s streets so that they can get their lives back on track. We say we don’t have enough affordable housing for all of our own citizens. How can you provide it to people who are not here legally?

Do you know how much it costs our public schools to educate kids who are brought into the country illegally and don’t speak the language? Forget about the crime stats for a minute. If you come here with no language skills, you are in many, if not most cases, facing economic hardship. And so we provide education, housing, food, and health care to illegal immigrants. Go to a hospital emergency room — illegal immigrants use the ER as their primary care physician. And guess who gets to pay for that? We do. Illegal immigrants have created a crisis in our schools. Once they’re here, it’s mandated that we educate them. Did you know that we give illegal immigrants in-state tuition as an incentive to be here? We’ve got American families struggling. But all the Democrats see are future voters.

You see, here’s what it’s all about for Jenny Durkan and her party. She stated it in her op-ed, “We know that today’s immigrants are tomorrow’s U.S. citizens who should have the chance to contribute to the economic, cultural and civic life of Seattle — and our nation.” That’s what it’s all about. They want open borders. They will sacrifice the girls who get raped and killed because they think it will strengthen the Democrat party. They think they can get a path for the millions of illegal immigrants who are here to become citizens and therefore, future voters. And that means a bunch more Democrat votes. Illegal immigrants are so poverty-riddled, of course they’ll vote Democrat — that’s the party that will give you free stuff.

“Instead of threatening immigrant families and the cities that welcome them, this president should spend a little bit more time trying to learn from us.” Really? The rest of the nation is supposed to learn from Seattle? You’ll teach them how to deal with drugs? What about homelessness? Yes, let’s bring Seattle’s values to the entire country.

Even the far-Left like Cher recognize the insanity of the human wave that’s coming into our country when we can’t even take care of our own citizens. But hey, you’ve got an election to win in a couple years, right, Jenny Durkan? You’ve got to play the game, you’ve got to sacrifice lives. It’s all for the sake of your party.

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