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homeless encampment fire
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Dori: U District homeless encampment fire is what politicians want

A fire in Seattle's University District. (Joanna Small, KIRO 7)

A massive homeless encampment fire broke out Tuesday afternoon in Seattle’s U District on Northeast 50th Street and 9th Avenue Northeast.

The siding of the Seven Gables Theatre, a historic structure, burned in this fire. It was an absolute mess. You could see the thick, black smoke driving up I-5 on Tuesday.

There was this beautiful, majestic tree there that I’ve probably seen 10,000 times in my life because it’s a mature tree. It was there when I was a student at the University of Washington. And when I saw that tree engulfed in flames, I was so sad. We have so few urban trees anymore.

Remember, this is the type of encampment that the people who are actively working to destroy our city and region are bringing here. People like Kshama Sawant want to see things here degrade to the point where her Socialist Alternative group will be able to rebuild it in their radical Marxist image. I’m not making this up — it’s all in the story we reported a few months ago, about the documents uncovered by SCC Insight. Kshama Sawant, like many of her council colleagues, does not support sweeps of homeless encampments.

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This homeless encampment fire is what your city council, many people on the county council, and a lot of the Democrats in Olympia desire. Sawant says we shouldn’t sweep homeless encampments, despite evidence that 13-year-old girls are being raped there so that pimps can get heroin money. It is the belief of the soulless Marxists who have taken over politics in our region that we have to take a laissez-faire approach to encampments.

We are hearing that it was a cooking fire. There were reports of loud explosions, and several listeners contacted me saying that those were probably stolen propane tanks exploding. Remember a few months ago when they found dozens of stolen propane tanks under the Magnolia Bridge? If those had blown, it would have taken down a very important piece of infrastructure.

We have politicians whose stated goal is to destroy the region, and people sit by, letting them do exactly that. It makes me sick that very few others in the media call them out for their true intentions. This huge homeless encampment fire is just another means to a dastardly end.

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