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Rantz: With new polling at 0 percent, can anyone stop Jay Inslee? Yes. Literally anyone

Gov. Jay Inslee looks on as he talks with solar workers at a home where they recently installed solar panels on May 02, 2019 in San Francisco. Inslee visited the San Francisco Bay Area as he campaigns for president. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

New polling from Monmouth, out of New Hampshire, has Governor Jay Inslee at zero percent … again. With this new polling data, can anyone stop Inslee’s campaign from earning the nomination?

Yes. Literally anyone can stop him.

The poll of Democrats and Independents, which gives former Vice President Joe Biden a commanding 36 percent of support, shows no signs of life for Inslee, who comes it at zero percent. But good news: when the poll asks who voters’ second choice would be, Inslee ranks <1. Baby steps, Jay.

Despite frequent media stops, the poll says 41 percent of voters have never even heard of him. It’s almost like running a campaign exclusively on climate change isn’t a good idea.

It’s not that voters in this poll don’t care about climate change: 12 percent of voters said it’s important to them. But, at 41 percent, healthcare comes in far and away the most important issue. It would behoove Inslee to talk about that issue, too.

Inslee made headlines last week with his vaguely-defined climate change plan. Much of the discussion on cable networks that I’ve seen shows anchors asking Inslee to explain how much the plan will cost, followed by a vomiting up of everything except the cost, which, to be fair, he doesn’t know.

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