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Feedback Friday
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Feedback Friday: Dori, just make a decision on fishing already

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Welcome to Dori’s Feedback Friday feature, where we collect a sampling of comments received over email and Facebook on various topics throughout the week. Want the chance to have your comments included in Feedback Friday? Send your thoughts about any show topics via email or the Dori Monson Facebook page.

Should Dori go fishing in Alaska?

Sitka is the trip of a lifetime

You have to go to Sitka, Alaska with Brock. I attended the Alaska Public Safety Training Academy there in 2006 when I worked for Juneau PD. I spent 15 weeks there, and it is truly God’s country. The scenery is some of the best you will find. There is a reason people spend thousands to go on cruises along the Inside Passage. I was in Alaska for three years before I lateraled to Tacoma PD, and my biggest regret is that I only went halibut fishing once. It is an experience of a lifetime. There is no better meal than fresh-caught halibut. While you are in Sitka, you have to go to the Theobroma Chocolate Company. It’s by far the best chocolate I have ever had. Also, do yourself a favor and visit the Alaska State Trooper Academy. It would be great for your show to talk to some of the officers and troopers there. You spend a lot of time on your show showing your support for law enforcement.

– Chris in Tacoma

Make a decision already

Tired of the Sitka non-decision, no doubt you will be in a wonderful resort with meat and potatoes for dinner, whatever you want for breakfast. It won’t be like a camping trip. It’s a fishing trip with great friends, what away to catch your first fish. Ballard, a history of fishing, you grew up on the mean streets — if you prefer the streets, just say so. You love your jet ski, so water can’t be the problem; I don’t get it … You have done some amazing things, above and beyond your life achievements; you have jumped out of aircraft, bungee-jumped off a bridge. You have always been fearless. Not sure why a great fishing trip is a difficult decision for you, but it’s your decision. No doubt you’ve made the decision, let us know the answer and let it go. So many of us think it’s a great opportunity and would love to take your place.

– Joseph in Puyallup

An easier way to catch fish

Hey Dori, you have never caught a fish? Here’s a way to rectify that. Just go down to Pike Place market and buy a fish and have them toss it to you. That way you can honestly say you have caught a fish. This is, if you don’t drop it, dadgummit.

– Mark in Everett

Closed captioning on restaurant TVs

What happened to liberal tolerance? 

Mandatory captioning? Since when did the city council declare English Seattle’s official language? Or are they requiring all languages to be captioned?

– Scott in Ballard

Fees for legitimate RV owners

A haiku for you

Abandoned RVs …
The state just enables them,
Makes someone else pay.

– Sean in Seattle

Edmonds laying off teachers, staff

Dori’s rant on teachers was shameful

I was listening to the radio show Wednesday afternoon and was so horrified to hear Dori rant in such a inflammatory way about the Edmonds teachers union securing severely overdue pay increases for teachers. He was calling them con artists and speaking with such dripping sarcasm. It’s that kind of fear-mongering that is keeping us drastically divided and closed-minded. I was so disgusted I had to turn the radio off. It was shameful.

– Katy in Seattle

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