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Washington is the most expensive state in the NW to be a first-time mom

First of all — you should call your mother. Let’s just get that out of the way. And if you were born in the State of Washington, you should appreciate her more. Because you were quite expensive.

Washington ranks in the top 15 most expensive states to have a baby in — coming in at no. 13. And it is certainly the most expensive state in the Northwest (not counting Alaska) to be a first-time mom.

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Moving website, The Move, crunched some numbers to calculate the costs of being a first-time mom in each state (average cost of infant day care for one year, childbirth costs at the hospital, and 2017 census data). In short, the East Coast is a far more expensive region to have a baby. In the Northwest, however, Idaho is your most cost-effective area.

As for the Northwest, the cost of being a first-time mom are:

  • Washington: $20,195
  • Oregon: $18,865
  • Idaho: $13,741
  • Montana: $15,923

In fact, Washington is more aligned with California, where it costs $20,418 to be a new mom. And in case you are wondering, the least expensive state to be a first-time mom is Mississippi —  $11,364.

Breaking down Washington’s costs, The Move notes:

  • Childbirth medical expenses: $7,462
  • Infant daycare for one year: $12,733
  • Total cost: $20,195

The good news is that while having a baby comes with a steep price tag in Washington, the state is still cheaper than the national average of $32,093.

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