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Dori: Seattle police exit interviews should convince Durkan of her crisis

(Photo: Matt Pittman, KIRO)

Our news partners at KIRO 7 TV have obtained the exit interviews of 42 Seattle police officers upon leaving the department.

I’ve talked to officers in suburbs of Seattle who say that other departments are getting a lot of laterals from Seattle. Cops just want out of Seattle.

I don’t blame them. We’ve seen how disrespected they are.

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In a statement to KUOW, Councilmember Kshama Sawant claimed that black residents are targeted in deadly police shootings. She previously called cops murderers. Now she says that Seattle police are targeting black people and murdering them. She is ratcheting up the danger level to an incredibly destructive force.

This is somebody who needs to be out of office. She’s making the job that is already horribly dangerous — thanks to politicians like her allowing the rampant crime on our streets — even more dangerous.

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KIRO 7 TV reviewed these exit interviews and found out that many of these cops say they simply can no longer work for Seattle politicians. Reporter Linzi Sheldon asked Mayor Jenny Durkan for a response. Durkan said that she values every single officer.

That is garbage.

Jenny Durkan is saying that on the same day that a member of her city council states that Seattle police target black people to be murdered. That’s not valuing our police officers. If you want to have any credibility, Jenny, you and anybody else with any bit of power should get someone that destructive out of office, even if it takes a recall election (though hopefully Sawant will be voted out this November).

Remember, this is all very purposeful. Sawant wants to destroy the city, starting with the police department. This is the stated goal of Socialist Alternative, the group to which she belongs and from which she takes her marching orders. They want to rebuild a Marxist police department and a Marxist city.

Jenny, what about a solution? Just paying our cops more still won’t make it worth it for them. Getting $8,000 more a year than in another city that doesn’t allow drug vagrants sleeping everywhere isn’t worth it. The way of life in other cities is so much more valuable. In these suburbs, the cops like the city council and mayor. They feel supported.

In Seattle, it’s unsustainable. We’ve got a bad situation that is getting worse. We have got a complete failure of leadership at the very top.

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