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KIRO Traffic Townhall
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KIRO Radio Traffic Townhall: Talking road rage, distracted driving, and more

KIRO Radio Traffic Reporters Tracy Taylor and Chris Sullivan hosted a first-of-its-kind traffic townhall event Wednesday, streamed live across the web.

The event had our resident traffic gurus talking with experts from WSDOT, Washington State Patrol, King County Sheriff’s Office, and Washington State Ferries. Over an hour-plus, the group fielded questions from listeners, all to help drivers figure out summer travel plans in the Northwest.

Questions ran the gamut, covering everything from distracted driving to dealing with road rage.

For the latter, advice from one of Wednesday’s State Patrol panelists was simple.

“Driving is just a giant trust exercise with a bunch of strangers — we all have somewhere to go, we’re doing our best to get there, and just be nice.”

You can catch Wednesday’s townhall in its entirety on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter.

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