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Northgate, homeless encampment
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Dori: No moral difference between homeless encampment dealers, Seattle politicians

Seattle's Navigation Teams cleans up a homeless encampment in Northgate in January 2019. (Carolyn Ossorio, KIRO Radio)

There was a huge homeless encampment drug bust a few days ago. I don’t think many people were horribly shocked by what was in the camp — felons, guns, $20,000 worth of cash. It was an absolute den of iniquity.

Politicians like Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant want to protect camps like this, despite the fact that we know that teenage girls are being raped, are being used as hookers in these encampments, so that their pimps can buy heroin. This is the kind of third-world squalor happening all around the Puget Sound area.

So finally, King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg — who has provided a revolving door for felons, and has de facto legalized small amounts of drugs — says that because of the level of drug dealing in this homeless encampment, he finally is going to crack down a bit.

“The people who profit off of that misery, I have no sympathy for them, and they are going to go to prison,” he told KOMO 4 News.

Why can’t Seattle refuse to coddle drug vagrants like Denver, San Diego? 

That sound-bite made me crazy — “the people who profit off human misery.” What do you think our mayor, city council, county council, and the people at SHARE and LIHI — the people making six figures off the homeless-industrial complex — are doing? We don’t seem to care about that because it’s all folded neatly within our political system.

Think about the people making six figures off the homelessness industry. Think about the politicians who get power because of the homelessness crisis. They keep saying, “We need to raise taxes so we can get more of your money to deal with this problem.” What are those politicians doing? They are profiting off the human misery.

I hate to tell you this, but a lot of our elected officials and the people appointed to these six-figure jobs are morally and ethically not that different from the junkie dealers in these homeless encampments.

If only we could throw the politicians in prison. We spend $100,000 per homeless person per year in the Puget Sound area. Don’t you think there are a lot of them profiting off of that human misery? But if a politician does it, it’s just, “Wink, wink, we’ll all take care of each other.”

The drug dealers and the politicians are the same people.

Satterberg also told KOMO, “I think that most of these large encampments are places where there is daily drug use going on.”

Remember when those community stakeholders told us in a press release that only a small percentage of the people in the encampments were drug addicts? Why would they try to spin that lie? Well, it’s easier to raise our taxes if we believe it’s just for people who are down on their luck. But here, by his words, the prosecutor is clearly acknowledging that the community leaders are lying to us.

If Satterberg comes around, great, but the way we have been dealing with this problem up until now is insane. Finally, it sounds like we are talking tough. Let’s see if we start actually acting tough.

The people he is talking tough about are, morally, very similar to the politicians profiting off of this problem with power, money, connections, jobs for friends, and deals with developers.

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