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Dori: We’re now officially a sanctuary state — and in more danger than ever

Kittitas County Deputy was killed by an illegal immigrant in March. (KIRO 7)

Jay Inslee has now made it official — Washington is a sanctuary state. He signed that into law on Wednesday.

What the law does is prohibit local authorities from asking anybody about their immigration status. Now the entire West Coast is comprised of sanctuary states.

We’ve seen the tragic consequences of that. I told you a couple of days ago about the 51-year-old illegal immigrant who tried to abduct a 14-year-old girl in Burien. The most tragic recent story was that of Kittitas County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Thompson, who was murdered by an illegal immigrant. I had the chance to speak exclusively with Ryan’s brother Aaron Thompson, who is also a cop. He told me that his brother didn’t have to die, that if we did not actively recruit illegal immigrants, his brother would still be alive.

The majority of the illegal immigrants we attract are fine, hardworking, wonderful people. But it only takes one to sexually assault a 14-year-old or gun down an officer. Inslee has to acknowledge that there is a handful of illegal immigrants who are criminals. And when they commit crimes, that is on the governor. That is on the attorney general. That is on the county executive and our mayors. That is on every politician who declares that we are sanctuary everything.

Politicians who tout sanctuary city status ignore crucial data

We’ve deported 34,000 illegal immigrants out of Boeing Field in the last decade. Some of them were deported after doing time for rape, murder, and sex trafficking. And now with this new sanctuary state policy signed by Jay Inslee, jails and prisons will be prohibited from complying with voluntary immigration holds if the feds request it. If the feds know that an immigrant is a murderer, under this new policy, the jails are prohibited from holding onto the person until the feds get there. They are not allowed to notify federal authorities if an illegal immigrant is about to be released from custody.

As Inslee has now signed this sanctuary state policy into law, just remember how law enforcement officers feel about Jay Inslee. I’ve talked to cops in almost every jurisdiction, and they just cannot stand our governor. Ryan Thompson’s family even told Inslee not to come to the funeral; as Aaron Thompson told us, that was because they held Inslee’s policies partially to blame for their loved one’s death. Think about that. This is pure insanity. I would love if any of the networks who are all over candidate Jay Inslee would ask him the hard questions about illegal immigrants.

This is about people who believe that their liberal worldview is so precious that they can ignore federal law. They can ignore the consequences of the illegal immigrants they have attracted and protected.

I’m not going to let this drop. Jay Inslee is spitting on the graves of every person who has been killed by illegal immigrants. He is spitting on the women who have been raped by illegal immigrants. It is sick. It is absolutely sick.

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