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Dori: Left claims to love nature, but wants to tear out trees, golf courses

Sound Transit is removing about 5,000 trees along I-5 to make room for a new light rail line. (Chris Sullivan, KIRO Radio)

Every afternoon for the past few weeks, for the last few miles of my drive home, I’ve gotten sad.

As you’re driving north on I-5 around Northgate, what used to be beautiful, tall trees have all been cut down by Sound Transit. Now they’ve extended the tree-cutting into Mountlake Terrace and will go up into Lynnwood, to make room for the future light rail track.

They’re taking down thousands of majestic trees. I’ve got to say, you don’t realize what you’ve got until it’s gone. My entire life, I’ve taken those trees for granted. Now that they’re gone, you just see buildings on the other side. A piece of nature that does remain is Jackson Park Golf Course between about 135th and 145th.

Sound Transit is tearing down all the trees so that they can put in a big concrete track and waste taxpayer money. But that’s not the only way that the Left in control around here wants to destroy greenscape.

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It’s amazing to me, because the Left always pretends to live by the philosophy of nature and saving the planet. Yet they whack down over 5,000 trees so developers can get rich from the train line.

Now there’s another battleground — the golf courses. The golf courses of Seattle might go away because of Seattle politics.

The city commissioned a study to look at the four public golf courses (found in North Seattle, Beacon Hill, Interbay, and West Seattle), with the idea to tear them out and put in affordable housing.

Why would they even consider this? It’s because golf is considered to be a sport that is played, predominantly, by white males. And there are few creatures on Earth more loathsome to Leftist politicians than white males.

One of my favorite memories as a teenager was playing golf at the city’s public golf courses, because they had a special deal with Seattle high schools that made a round of golf very affordable for students. I know some senior citizens who go out to Jefferson Park Golf Course in Beacon Hill like clockwork, twice a week.

I will not be surprised at all if the city reaches the conclusion that they need to tear up at least one or two of those golf courses to build affordable housing.

Ah, politics in Seattle — ain’t it grand? Between the trees for Sound Transit and the golf courses in Seattle, the one-party government that rules around here is becoming a group of eco-terrorists.

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