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Bainbridge official proposes ‘I Didn’t Reproduce Day’ on Father’s Day

Bainbridge City Councilmember Ron Peltier recently put forward a proclamation to designate the third Sunday in June as “I Didn’t Reproduce Day,” which would happen to fall on Father’s Day. Hallmark isn’t likely to jump on it.

The proposal states that those “who defer or abstain from procreation make a special contribution to humanity and to our biosphere, including with each deferred human birth preventing 900 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions into the Earth’s atmosphere, and for their contribution by omission deserve their own special day of appreciation.”

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It didn’t exactly receive much support from the rest of the council, and was subsequently voted down by the other members.

According to the Kitsap Sun, Peltier was serious about the proposal because he believes the earth is overpopulated. He didn’t intend to offend any parents. He noted that the placement on Father’s Day was unintentional, not that it’s surprising to hear that a person who proposed “I Didn’t Reproduce Day” didn’t know when Father’s Day is.

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The proposal is a reference to an old routine by Bill Maher in which he proposes a holiday for single people. Unlike Bill Maher, however, Peltier actually has a son, or what Peltier would refer to as “900 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.”

There’s no word yet on how his son feels about the whole thing.

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