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Joe Biden
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Taxpayer funding for abortions is not ‘pro-choice’

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Joe Biden’s abandonment of his long-standing support for the Hyde Amendment has not only damaged his campaign, but should bring permanent changes to the language we use on the abortion issue.

Biden and other Catholic Democrats often insisted that they personally disapproved of abortion, but they didn’t want government to interfere with a woman’s so-called “Right to Choose.”

But if the Hyde Amendment is removed, that means the “Right to Choose” becomes a right to government funding for terminating your pregnancy. Many of those who said they wanted government to stay out of the abortion decision, now insist that government must get directly involved — by providing federal funding.

This is not a “Pro-Choice” position — it’s a “Pro-Abortion” position, demanding government subsidies. In the future, liberals who favor such funding should accept the “Pro-Abortion” designation just as proudly as conservatives acknowledge that we are anti-abortion — and pro-life.

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