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Time to proclaim: ‘Family first!’

The collapse of the family stands at the heart of America’s most pressing, painful problems – addiction and suicide, economic inequality, educational under-performance, and even homelessness.

Recent statistics show that majorities of millennials who produce children, do so outside of marriage. A University of Michigan study indicates than an amazing 20 percent of young adults report no contact – none! – with their birth fathers. In response to the crisis, the left emphasizes redistribution of wealth or more generous welfare programs –ignoring the fact that even wealthy families suffer from break-down or break-up.

Problems beyond politics

On the right, we stress the need for religious revival to strengthen family life, despite the prevalence of divorce and out-of-wedlock birth even among the fervently faithful. We need fresh efforts to change values and culture from leaders in government, media, business, religion and education, mobilized under a two-word slogan: “Family First!”

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