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Drivers set to rally against Seattle rideshare tax

Uber and Lyft drivers push for better pay. (AP)

On Thursday, members of Drive Forward Seattle will rally at Seattle City Hall in opposition to proposed legislation they say could threaten drivers’ ability to control how they work.

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The group includes drivers from Uber, Lyft, Eastside for Hire and others.

Among the proposals the city is considering is a tax on rideshare companies aimed at combating congestion and pollution.

Matt Wald, executive director of Drive Forward Seattle, says companies would respond to a tax by raising prices. “When prices go up, trips go down and drivers only make money when they have a passenger in the back seat.”

The city is also proposing a minimum fare with a goal of benefiting drivers.

In 2015, Seattle was the first city in the country to pass an ordinance that allows rideshare drivers to unionize. Due to legal challenges, it has not been implemented.

Drive Forward Seattle doesn’t want the union, instead favoring their drivers remain independent.

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The group also says the Teamsters and the App-Based Drivers Association have made misrepresentations about them to the city and they want to set the record straight Thursday.

Drivers with the group plan to meet at their headquarters on Eastlake Avenue and then beginning at 11 a.m. caravan to Seattle City Hall. The rally will take place at city hall from 11:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

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