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Dori: Will Pramila’s, Bernie’s student loan plan make reparations for parents?

The University of Washington campus. (University of Washington/Collegiate Images/Getty Images)

Hey, I have a question for Pramila Jayapal and Bernie Sanders on their student loan plan.

Since you are supporting this deadbeat program where people would just have their student loan debt forgiven, are you also going to provide reparations for those of us who sacrificed and saved to pay for our children’s college educations, so that they would not have debt?

My wife and I invested in the G.E.T. Program. We didn’t have much money when our girls were little, and we made sacrifices so that we could amortize their college expenses over 18 years. We wanted to pay for their educations ourselves so that they would not have any debt.

We told our girls, “If you want to go to a private university or go out of state, we might be able to help you with the difference, but it will be a loan. What we will pay for is your in-state tuition.”

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But for the people who made these kinds of sensible choices, are you going to give us our money back? What about all of the kids who worked their way through college so they wouldn’t have debt, who gave up parties on Fridays and Saturdays so they could go to their jobs? What about all of the kids who started working in high school to pay for college? What about the kids who chose less expensive schools so that college would be more affordable? What about the parents who started saving when their kids were born?

And by the way, it’s not that people with student loan debt made bad choices. The colleges operating in concert with the government, which operates the student loan program, have encouraged irresponsibility.

But I think I know the answer to my question, because I know who socialism appeals to – -the most irresponsible among us.

People like Pramila Jayapal and Bernie Sanders operate on the message, “Vote for us — we’ll give you money.” Of course, that is a message directed at losers.

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