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Dori: Does winky face mean county thinks rape, alleged assault are jokes?

Last week we talked at length about the woman who was raped twice in White Center. When her attacker was released from jail on the condition that he return to Mexico, he allegedly brutally assaulted her again before fleeing the police to Mexico.

It is Jay Inslee’s sanctuary state policy that directly led to that assault; when I talked to ICE last week, they confirmed that under normal, non-sanctuary procedure, they would have been able to pick the rapist up upon his release from jail and hold him until a deportation hearing.

The county has felony warrants out for the rapist, but it is unknown if he will be extradited. Our friend Brandi Kruse at Q13 News wanted to speak with the judge, Nicole Gaines Phelps, to ask about the likelihood of extradition. This is the response she received from the court’s communications director, as she outlined on her Q13 show, The Divide.

“He does have warrants out, but we probably won’t be exercising the extradition process. ;)”

That’s how our judge’s spokesperson responded — a winky face emoji? A winky face emoji was used to help explain why they won’t extradite a convicted rapist who was in the country illegally and allegedly attacked someone?

Jay, Bob, Jenny, Dow all responsible for alleged assault of rape survivor

The winky face emoji is not something you use when you are talking about something serious. So they must think it is funny that a rape survivor got assaulted by her rapist. It is truly sick if public officials and spokespeople somehow think that rape is funny.

Brandi tried to follow up with the spokesperson, but they evaded her questions and wouldn’t take ownership of the consequences of the judge’s decision. Instead, they relied on their bogus lies that illegal immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than citizens. How can they say that? It’s because there are no stats of the crimes committed by illegal immigrants — the immigration status question is not allowed to be asked. So they just repeat this same lie over and over. It is exactly what I’ve been telling you for years about sanctuary — it is built on lies.

When a sheriff’s deputy, Ryan Thompson — and yes, I mention his name all the time, because while Jay Inslee wants to forget him, I’m not going to let you forget him — is murdered by an illegal immigrant, that’s tied to sanctuary. When a rape survivor is assaulted by her rapist, that is directly tied to sanctuary. That guy, in a normal state, would have stayed in custody after his bizarrely light nine-month sentence for raping someone twice.

This is the kind of sickness that we’re dealing with — there is simply no other way to characterize it. A spokesperson for the judge sent a reporter a winky face emoji when talking about the serious matter of extradition for a brutal crime, as if it’s all a joke.

We know their lies. You, by virtue of listening to this show, know their lies. So at least with some of us, they can’t wink their way out of it.

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