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fireworks injuries
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2018 saw 209 fireworks-related injuries, lower than 10-year average

Fireworks over Lake Union in Seattle on July 4, 2018. (KIRO Radio/Matt Pitman)

While people blowing things, and themselves, up with fireworks is a year-round occurrence around July 4, now we have data on just how many fireworks-related injuries ruined the fun last year.

According to the Washington State Fire Marshal’s Office, there were 301 reports of fireworks-related incidents in 2018 by hospitals, clinics, and fire agencies in the state. Of those incidents, 209 involved injuries and 92 led to fires — or at least that’s how many people admitted that it was because of fireworks.

Fires devastated Seattle, Ellensburg and Spokane in 1889

If 209 injuries sounds like a lot, it was actually 10 percent lower than the 10-year average, but many people are still getting injured with fireworks the way they always have — by holding them too long. Data shows that 88 injuries were caused by holding the fireworks once lit.

The 92 fireworks-related fires resulted in a loss of $161,475 and 71 of them were classified as wild land or vegetation.

Wildfires expected to spread as Washington has a ‘bullseye’ on it

To avoid showing up in next year’s report, the Fire Marshal’s Office has a few tips:

  • Be Prepared – Buy only legal fireworks, have water nearby while lighting and keep pets indoors.
  • Be Safe – Only adults should light fireworks. Never light fireworks in your hand and never use them indoors. Always light
    one firework at a time.
  • Be Responsible – Clean up fireworks debris and soak used fireworks with water. Keep matches and lighters away from

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