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Bothell will be the next city to get Lime electric scooters

Scooter shares continue to grow in the Northwest. (Lime)

Bothell will officially be the next city to try out electric scootershares, approving a 90-day pilot program that will go into effect this Friday.

How scooter life might change Seattle roads, habits

Roughly 100 scooters will be available through Lime, found at drop-off locations throughout downtown Bothell. For some the hope is to provide affordable alternative modes of transportation for local students.

“Electric scooters could potentially provide another way for students, faculty, and staff to get to and from campus that doesn’t involve a single occupancy vehicle,” UW Bothell representative Ryan McIrvin said in a news release from the city.

The 90-day trial period will see the city look into safety concerns, usage, and how e-scooters can coexist with cars, bicycles, and pedestrians. After that window expires, Bothell City Council will convene to weigh the future of the program.

Back in May, Seattle announced its own extensive plan to usher in e-scooters.

Mayor Durkan announces pilot program for e-scooters in Seattle

“Let’s try scooters, but let’s do it right,” Mayor Jenny Durkan said at the time.

Mayor Durkan described a handful of priorities and qualifications the city has for introducing the popular offering.

“We will focus on four non-negotiable principles: safety, fairness to riders, protection of taxpayers through full indemnification, and equity,” said Durkan. “While some companies may see these requirements as too restrictive, they are too important not to fight for.

Similar programs have succeeded in cities like Tacoma, Spokane, and Portland, with Seattle being the last major city in the Northwest to holdout before its May announcement.

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