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Dori: Media not connecting Northwest Detention Center attacker to Antifa

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After the white supremacist attack in Charlottesville a couple of years ago, I heard everyone in the media blame Donald Trump, saying, “His rhetoric made this happen.” You know what’s interesting? I have not heard anyone blame Pramila Jayapal or Maria Cantwell or Patty Murray for the death of the Antifa guy at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma.

Willem Van Spronsen was firebombing the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma before police had to fatally shoot him. He attempted to set the detention center on fire. He was firing firebombs at buses that were supposed to take ICE detainees away. He tried to blow up a propane tank.

Van Spronsen was very well-known in the Antifa movement. But nobody is connecting him to Antifa. I’ve been watching all of the local coverage, even when I was half a world away.

He had an assault weapon with him. I thought the Left hated assault weapons. But now the news outlets are barely mentioning it. In fact, a couple of months ago, CNN ran a piece celebrating anti-ICE activists, including this guy.

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Additionally, why is no one mentioning that the anti-ICE rhetoric of Patty Murray and Pramila Jayapal and all the rest may have crept into the diseased mind of this guy? If you are one of the many who buys the rhetoric that Donald Trump got into the head of the Charlottesville killer, do you also think that maybe Pramila Jayapal got into the head of this guy?

It’s funny the way the media works. In what looks like a very similar set of circumstances, the guy’s Antifa connection gets buried. The fact that he had an assault rifle gets buried. The high probability that he was radicalized by comments made by liberal politicians gets buried. Why? Because he was a Leftist. The media tries not to criticize the Leftists.

It’s funny how nobody in the media mentions any of that. Hey, wait — I’m in the media. Well, I guess someone just did.

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