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Dori: Is this a joke? Sawant yard signs claim she can’t be bought

Kshama Sawant's campaign signs claim that she can't be bought -- then list the unions who support her. (KIRO Radio)

All over Capitol Hill are yard signs for everybody’s favorite member of the Seattle City Council — Kshama Sawant.

It is truly one of the most ironic yard signs you will ever see. It has her name against a background of socialist red, and then underneath, declares, “The councilmember money can’t buy.”

That’s interesting, because more than half of her campaign donations are coming from out of state. The Socialist Party is trying to buy their way into city councils around the country, and they’re targeting the most politically unstable cities, like Seattle.

Right underneath the statement that money can’t buy Sawant are all of her endorsements — the Service Employees International Union, Washington Federation of State Employees, Unite Here Local 8 (hospitality workers), United Automobile Workers — basically labor union after labor union after labor union.

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Why are all the labor unions’ names there? It’s because she is in fact more bought than anyone in politics.

How do I know that? Because the one time she came onto the show, that’s the thing I wanted to ask her about. She rails against the rich, but she will stand on a stage with labor union leaders who get wealthy off the work of their members. They get rich off of the union dues they collect. But when you ask her about that, she doesn’t like talking about it. Remember what happened? She hung up on me. She didn’t like me pointing out her unbelievable hypocrisy.

Kshama Sawant is more bought-off by special interests, is more in their pocket than anybody — and the list of endorsements on her yard signs prove it.

“Kshama Sawant — the councilmember money can’t buy.” Except that she would never do anything that goes against the bidding of the labor unions that own her lock, stock, and barrel.

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