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Westlake Park, Fourth Avenue
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Dori: Westlake Park knife attack latest catch-and-release case

Westlake Park downtown Seattle. (File photo)

KIRO 7’s Amy Clancy found a police report for something unbelievable that happened week-and-a-half ago in downtown Seattle.  Let me tell you about what happened on a sunny Friday evening in Westlake Park.

At 6 p.m. on Friday the 19th, a guy was observed urinating at Westlake Park. It was rush hour, it was a warm summer evening, and there were a lot of adults and children in the park. According to the police report, people reported the urination to the park ambassador, who then told the man to stop. A park visitor told the man that it was gross.

The guy then allegedly pulled out a five-inch fixed-blade knife, made a slashing motion, and threatened to kill the park ambassador. He threatened other passers-by around him. He turned to the woman who had told him it was gross, who was African-American, and he called her the n-word. She threw a bottle of cleaner at him. He allegedly then ran toward her with the knife and struck her arm, but she thankfully was not cut. Another park visitor tackled the guy and restrained him until police got there.

Seattle is playing ‘Human Roulette’

So once again, as with the rush-hour rampage we reported on, as weak as our prosecutor is, as helpless as our police are, as incompetent as our city and county leaders are, we still have a lot of great individual citizens who are willing to tackle perpetrators and rescue their fellow human beings. That to me is still something to be celebrated.

When police arrived, they found heroin on the perpetrator. He has two pending third-degree theft cases and has not complied with his treatment obligations — another one of the ‘revolving door criminals‘ of our county justice system.

Again, I will ask the question — what is it going to take as we play catch-and-release? Is it going to take a murder in Westlake Park? Is it going to take a politician’s family member being hurt before they finally do something about this? We’ve got to have citizens who were just trying to enjoy a beautiful Friday evening tackle heroin addicts with five-inch knives, putting their own lives at risk, so that they can save their fellow citizens? They have to do the job that our prosecutor will not and that our police are not allowed to, because of the de-policing that is a necessity when you have a city council that despises our cops?

This is amazing to me. One-party control of Seattle has really made this city a utopia. Of course, I blame the voters, too. If you give one party this amount of power and money, corruption is sure to follow.

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