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Rantz: King Co. Democrat leader pushes dangerous conspiracy for Antifa

Multiple groups, including Rose City Antifa, the Proud Boys and conservative activist Haley Adams protest in downtown Portland, Ore., Saturday, June 29, 2019. (Dave Killen/The Oregonian via AP)

An official with the King County Democrats pushed a dangerous conspiracy theory in order to defend violent Antifa thugs. He claims an attack on an independent journalist didn’t take place and that it was staged. Only, it was caught on tape. And the perpetrators admit they did it.

Conservative provocateurs troll, Sounders supporters claim Nazis attack

David Fleetwood is the First Vice Chair of the King County Democrats and Vice Chair of the 11th Legislative District Democrats. Over the weekend, he joined the Twitter troll war of Sounders fans mad that I condemned violent acts from Antifa thugs.

One user asked me to name acts of violence perpetrated by Antifa. I pointed to a recent act where Rose City Antifa, out of Portland, severely beat and robbed independent journalist Andy Ngo, who was covering a rally.

Fleetwood claims this didn’t happen.

When it was pointed out that there is ample video evidence, he doubled down, claiming it looks staged.

The entire attack was caught on video, and it resulted in nationwide condemnation, including from CNN, for its viciousness.

“The idea that he would be attacked, that he would be bloodied in that way: Unacceptable, period,” CNN media critic Brian Stelter declared. “And it’s important that everyone make that clear, even left wing critics who don’t like him, and things like that.”

Ngo was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage. Beyond that, Rose City Antifa seemed to take pretty direct responsibility for the attack, calling it “community defense.”

Harmeet K. Dhillon, Ngo’s attorney, is disgusted by Fleetwood’s claim.

“Given the extensive video evidence of the multiple assaults on Andy Ngo on June 29, as well as police reports documenting earlier assaults by Antifa thugs against him, it is despicable to see a Democrat partisan gaslight a victim by denying the obvious fact that he was brutally assaulted by masked, armed, Antifa thugs who seem to own Portland and who remain at large, free to assault others in the community,” Dhillon told The Jason Rantz Show in an emailed statement. “Clearly some representatives of the Democratic Party are more concerned about pandering to Antifa than protecting law-abiding citizens and journalists, a sad commentary on the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of this particular leader on a day when the nation is in mourning two extremist violent attacks. Beyond being despicable, such statements about Mr. Ngo and his injuries are plainly false and defamatory, and will be treated as such.”

Antifa supporters plan to march, testing Sounders front office

Antifa members justify their attack because they don’t like when Ngo criticizes their violence. It’s a position that so many Emerald City Sounders fans took over the weekend in their barrage of Tweets targeting me. They believe they’re fighting actual Nazis (they’re not), that way they can either justify or support violence.

In the case of Fleetwood, he goes one step further. This clown is pretending the violence didn’t even take place. Not only does this indicate a dangerous form of delusion on Fleetwood’s part, but it can very easily be used to justify further violence. When you know the activist class has your back, they just may continue the disgusting conduct.

Shasti Conrad, Chair of the King County Democrats, sent in a statement to The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH: “David Fleetwood’s views reflect his own and he was not speaking on behalf of the organization.”

No charge for ‘antifa’ kid trying to imprison UW GOP

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