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Dori: Guess who crashed into Puyallup McDonald’s? A 16-year-old boy

A 16-year-old crashed into a Puyallup McDonald's after spilling his soda in the drive-through. (KIRO 7 TV)

Last week, after a tragic accident caused by a 16-year-old who had likely been drinking and driving upwards of 80 miles an hour on a 35-miles-per-hour road, I said that 16-year-olds should not get driver’s licenses — especially 16-year-old boys.

At a McDonald’s in Puyallup on Thursday, a car went crashing through the restaurant wall. According to police, a 16-year-old boy was leaving the drive-through when he spilled his soda. Then he hit the gas instead of the brakes and went crashing through the wall of this McDonald’s.

I know there are responsible 16-year-old drivers, but I’ve seen the stats. Their minds are not sufficiently developed to handle the responsibility and danger of an automobile. I know that because at 16, I was a moron who made bad driving decisions. This McDonald’s crash proves yet again why the driving age should be raised.

I know it will never happen, though. We have about as much chance of changing the driving age as me going back to being 35 years old.

Puyallup crash shows we should not give licenses to 16-year-olds

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