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What? No Mexi-Fries at CenturyLink’s Taco Time?

Just watching the field while not enjoying Mexi-Fries. (MyNorthwest, Michael Simeona)

By Michael Simeona, digital producer:

You know you’re from the Pacific Northwest when you have an unbridled passion for Taco Time.

I’ve lived here my entire life and get the same thing every time: Large Mexi-Fries (don’t you dare call them tater tots), chicken soft taco, two hot sauces, and a large Coke with a bunch of Taco Time ice (if you know, you know). My wife and I used to share Mexi-Fries when we first started dating, but we have since resorted to each getting our own because they’re that good.

So I couldn’t contain my excitement when I heard Taco Time was opening a stand at CenturyLink Field for Seahawks games this year.

After talking about it incessantly in the newsroom, my guy Gee Scott said Taco Time was overrated. I couldn’t let that slide so I knew I had to swoop my order before the game on Thursday night.

As soon as I entered the stadium, I bee lined to Section 116 to find a wide open Taco Time stand with no lines. Glorious.

However, when perusing the menu, I noticed it lacked any sort of mention of Mexi-Fries. That’s OK, I thought, if I order a chicken soft taco it surely must come with Mexi-Fries. What’s Taco Time without Mexi-Fries?

I place my order and ask “does it come with Mexi-Fries?” To my utter dismay, the vendor said they unfortunately do not sell Mexi-Fries at this location.

To say I was disappointed was an understatement. That’s like Chick-fil-A without chicken or Dairy Queen without ice cream.

I begrudgingly tweeted my disappointment, but to Taco Time’s credit, they’re apparently looking to expand the menu in the future.

If you’re wondering, the chicken soft taco was good. But it wasn’t the same without those crispy, juicy Mexi-Fries.

Here’s hoping Taco Time gets this right before the next Seahawks game on August 29th.

This was taken before the disappointment:

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