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I-5 teachers
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Seattle teachers rally along I-5 in support of negotiating better contracts

Teachers gather on I-5. (KIRO 7)

Seattle teachers were seen rallying along I-5 Wednesday morning, asking for support in negotiating better contracts this school year.

WPC’s Liv Finne: Teacher layoffs that hurt education the result of raises

The contracts are initially due in one week. The teachers used the visibility of a spot over I-5 to grab attention from people traveling in and out of Seattle. KIRO Traffic Reporter Tracy Taylor noted how the display slowed traffic in the area.

Members from the Seattle Education Association, otherwise known as the Seattle Teacher’s Union are gathering at overpasses in Northgate and Albro.

The union says it and Seattle Public Schools have been negotiating since May.

It also told KIRO that it’s been focused on teacher pay, racial equity, career growth, and student care.

Last year the 5,500 union members and the district narrowly averted a walkout by teachers after an almost 11 percent pay increase for teachers was approved.

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