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Dori: Record Tacoma homicide rate, bus station shootout show crime is king


In Tacoma, as Q13 News reported, the homicide rate is now, in the middle of August, where it was for all of 2018. The city already have had 18 homicides this year, a record homicide rate — the norm is 12.

We talk a lot about the insanity of Seattle, but it certainly has extended throughout the Puget Sound.

There was a shootout at the Renton Transit Center. Thankfully no one was hurt, but the gunman is still at-large.

I’ve told you how I had to ride the bus every day when I was living at home and attending the University of Washington. I do appreciate those who ride the bus, because they take cars off the road.

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But I wouldn’t want to ride a bus now — you don’t have control over your environment. And never was that more apparent than with this shooting. There are too many stories like this. Yet the politicians continue to push us out of our cars and into this kind of danger.

Until we start cracking down on crime, until we stop the revolving door nonsense, we will not see an end to these all-time highs for crime. We will not see an end to shootouts at bus stations during rush-hour. We will not see an end to record homicide rates.

We’ve got radicals running local law enforcement. We’ve got prosecutors playing catch-and-release. We’ve got forces in our area that are making the public much less safe.

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