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Dori: Bob Ferguson filing yet another lawsuit to stay relevant

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson (Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

Bob Ferguson, the most dangerous politician we have, is filing yet another lawsuit against the Trump administration. What are we up to now, #28?

The problem is, Ferguson thought he was going to be governor. And he thought these lawsuits were his ticket to the governor’s mansion. But now Inslee is running for a third term. Ferguson, with his delusions of grandeur, has to figure out something he can do to stay relevant.

And so, he is filing yet another lawsuit against the Trump administration — this one over the standards for immigrant families at the border.

He wants to make things better for people who try to come into this country illegally. That can have dire consequences for citizens and legal residents of this country.

Let me tell you a story you won’t hear anywhere else. Border patrol agents arrested a man named Carlos Blancas-Rojas in Tucson, Arizona. He has been on the loose for 11 years after being convicted of raping a child in 2008 here in Washington. He still has an active bench warrant here. Now he can finally come and stand for his warrant in our state.

AG Ferguson’s lawsuit over 3-D printed guns an attention ploy for gubernatorial campaign

Think about that. We let child rapists go free in this country. Why?

When you have people like Mitzi Johanknecht, Dow Constantine, Jay Inslee, and Bob Fergsuon, they would rather take care of illegal immigrants than cops, as we saw with King County getting out of the LInX system. As we saw with the White Center mom, they would rather let a rapist walk free and trust that he’ll go to Mexico on his own than protect his victim from being re-assaulted. We have courts that would rather protect illegal immigrants than protect citizens.

Everything is completely upside-down in America with issues of immigration.

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