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Spady: When will AG Ferguson notice 40,000 homeless children in our state?

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

“For God’s sake, treat children with a little bit of humanity,” said Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, in reference to the treatment of migrant children at the U.S./Mexico border.

Seattle homeless families left with few options for housing

According to the weekly rhetoric of Ferguson, King County Executive Dow Constantine, and Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, I’m left with the understanding that the most important issue for Washington State citizens is simply the treatment of migrant children detained at U.S./Mexico border.

First let me be very blunt: I applaud those taking a stand on the border. The situation there is overwhelming and the conditions can be appalling. With that being said, our local elected officials’ political obsession with our border is a virtue signal that is beyond offensive, considering there are over 40,000 children who experienced homelessness of some form in our state in 2018.

Yes, there are children at the border, and the quality of care needs to be improved. But, do you really believe the mod squad of Durkan, Ferguson, and Constantine is going to solve it?

Underneath their savvy leadership, homelessness in the Puget Sound region and statewide has increased. Our politicians continue to ignore the true issues that are ruining our State. We have a lack of affordable housing, an addiction crisis that sees no end, and politicians who are unwilling to admit that this is happening, let alone to propose possible solutions.

We have an obligation to bring people inside and give them a chance to get on their feet. Before we can succeed our leaders must confront the fact that virtue signaling on national issues won’t bring us any closer to providing adequate shelter for the families in need in our community.

Third Door Coalition plans to end chronic homelessness in King County

It’s time we stop falling for their traps and begin asking what their plan is for the Washington State children in need.

When will it be an appropriate time for the AG, Mayor of Seattle, King County Executive, and our returned climate champion governor to acknowledge the plight of our children? It’s quite simple. Our leaders will change their tune when you challenge them, when you vote, and when you ask them to put the needs of Washington State kids first.

The issues hurting our state are easily observed if you are willing to listen. Homelessness and addiction are rampant, affordable housing is lacking, and our elected leaders clearly don’t have a plan. Why should they get our vote?

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